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Tough times...
Health 50
Attack Power
AttackPower 4
Def 4
10 XP
Dragon roundThe Thrall is a unique unit of Dragon clan

Overview[ | ]

Nidhogg clan is merciless and relies on slavery to prosper. As slaves, thralls do not require Buildingcapacity housing and consume 33% of what usual Villagers do, but they produce 50% less (with few exceptions) and might revolt if they have the opportunity.

Like regular dragon civilians, Thralls can travel and fight in neutral territory and don't suffer a production penalty if wounded.

Obtaining[ | ]

  • Starting bonus : Two Thrall Thralls. Slaves Thralls' maximum number is 33% of the player current population (rounded).
  • Fame 200 Fame bonus : Five more Thrall Thralls are obtained. This can bypass the thrall maximum number.
  • Buying from Longship Dock : Thrall Thralls have a starting price of Kröwns 40 Kröwns, each purchase increasing the price by Kröwns 50. Price slowly decrease at a rate of 4 Kröwns / month until it comes back to Kröwns 40. Slave trade knowledge can lower this minimum.
Dragon red-24x24
Slave Trade

Thrall Thralls are 50% cheaper, and minimum price is also reduced by 50%.

Role in economy[ | ]

  • Thralls can be sacrificed in the Sacrificial Pyre in order to gain Dragon Essence 3 Dragon Essences, against Dragon Essence 2 for regular citizens.
  • By default, they will act as villagers and gather Food 2 Food.
  • A specific Knowledge allows the player to assign thralls to other buildings, making them work like specialized units. They produce exactly half of the regular unit production, except for the Longship Dock, where they produce Kröwns 1 Kröwns, the Fisherman's Hut (Food 2 Food), and the Hunter Lodge (Food 2.25 Food).
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Hard Labor

Thrall Thralls can be conscripted to production buildings to increase their output (maximum of 1 per building).

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Blood, Sweat & Tears

You can assign 2 extra Thrall Thralls to production buildings.

  • Thrall production is affected by upgraded buildings and plain bonus such as forest, but not by tools or economic lores.

Revolt[ | ]

If the player Population population drops below Slaves thrall population, Thralls will instantly rise and become neutral entities fighting into the player territory. Then, the only way to get rid of them will be to kill them.