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Each game of Northgard has a randomly generated map made up of different types of Tiles. Your Clan starts with one initial tile which contains the Town Hall, 4 additional buildings can be built on this tile.

To Build on or claim any resources a tile may have, it must be Colonized, which needs first to be cleared from neutrals or monster roaming on it.

Each tile has a varying Buildingcapacity building capacity, ranging from 2 to 4 (the starting tile being an exception).

Tiles can be upgraded to increase this capacity by 1 (See: Develop Area).

Base Tile[ | ]

Those "area traits" defines the tile type and are limited to one per tile.

Sometimes, a tile can be completely empty. It usually have 4 Buildingcapacity building capacity to compensate.

Additional Tile Resources[ | ]

These area traits can be combined with other base Area types. For example you may find a Forest and Stones in the same Tile.

Special Tiles[ | ]

Neutral Camps[ | ]

Bonus Tiles[ | ]

Central Special Tiles[ | ]

The area standing in the middle of the map is called the mid. The first player discovering the mid gains Fame 50 Fame and reveals it to the others. . It is generally related to a victory condition and can be of various kind depending on gamemode and options.

  • In Northgard vanilla, the mid is random and selected from a pool of several areas determined by the victory condition settings.
  • In Ragnarök, the mid is always replaced by the Volcano.
  • In Northgard Conquest, The Cursed battle has a special mid of its own : The Seal of Valhalla.