Town Hall

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Town Hall
Spawns new Villager.png Villagers, when you have enough Happiness.png Happiness and generates Kröwns.png +2 Kröwns
Upkeep Cost
Kröwns.png 0 (yearly)
Upgrade Cost
Wood.png 100, Kröwns.png 50, Stone.png 10
Upgraded Upkeep Cost
Kröwns.png 0 (yearly)

The Town Hall is the only Building your Clan starts with. It will recruit new Villagers to your clan when your Happiness.png Happiness is 0 or above.

In addition it generates + Kröwns.png 3 Kröwns (18 per month / 216 per year) and serves as your first house with a capacity of 6.

You can't build a new or additional Town Hall. The area containing it is referred as the "main" tile and has a 5 Buildingcapacity.png building capacity (Town Hall included). If this area gets uncolonised, the clan controlling it is defeated.

Upgradebuildings.png Upgraded

  • Allows you to build advanced buildings and upgrade other buildings.
  • Increases Population.png Population growth by 20%
  • Increase Population.png Population capacity by 2.

Unique Townhall skins can be unlocked by completing the related Conquest. As follows: