Upgrading Buildings has different effect, depending on the building

To start upgrading a building, an upgraded Town Hall is required.

Economy Buildings Edit

Upgrading economy building will increase the building's production by 20% and add a worker slot.

Military Buildings Edit

Upgrading Military buildings will increase you Warband capacity by 1 and add a 5% attack power bonus for this kind of unit. This bonus can be increased when upgrading other Military Buildings.

Other Buildings Edit

Some other buildings have different upgrade effect:

  • House: Increase the max population by 3.
  • Scout Camp: Increase the Scout speed by 50% and allows enemy territory scouting. Adds a Scout slot.
  • Healer's Hut: Increase the Healing Speed by 100%. Adds a Healer slot.
  • Mender's Hut: Increase the Healing Speed by 100%. Adds a Mender slot.
  • Food Silo: Increase the Silo effect by 20% and the max food capacity by 500.