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Valdemar, the cursed Icon
Valdemar was a legendary king who died bringing battle to Helheim. Or so we thought...
Health 125
Attack Power
AttackPower 30
Def 25
120 XP

Valdemar The Cursed is a special boss that can be encountered in Conquest gamemode. He is a powerful dead warchief using necromancy against its enemies. His minions, Dark Vaettir Dark Vaettirs accompany him and act as bodyguards. As long as there's at least one Dark Vaettir around, he is invulnerable.

Defeating him is the objective of The Cursed battle.

NOTE!!! Defeating him by having him kill himself with reflective gear on the Warchief from the clan of the Ox does NOT count towards the victory and you will be stuck on the map.