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Disambig.png This article is about the Kraken clan unit. For the neutral unit, see Fallen Valkyrie.
Valkyrie, Kraken
Wielding divine power, the Valkyries are the most powerful members of the Kraken's army.
Health.png 75
Attack Power
Attack Power.png 10
Defense.png 18
50 XP.png
Kraken round.pngThe Valkyrie is a unique unit of Kraken clan

The Valkyrie is trained at the Hörgr.pngHörgr after consecration of one of your Norn.png Norn : she becomes a Valkyrie and joins your army. Valkryies produce +1 Happiness.png Happiness. Valkyries heal when on a tile with a Hörgr.pngHörgr. With the Lore Valhalla's reinforcement Valkyries can heal on tiles with High Tide.

Improve tools.png Valkyrie's weapon: Purify ability[]

  • The Valkyrie’s weapon gives +10% Attack Power.png.
  • Purify ability allows the valkyrie to sacrifice herself to instantly colonize a neutral zone or an enemy zone being uncolonized. Cooldown.png Cooldown = One year.