There are 5 ways to achieve victory in Northgard.


Destroy all other players' Town Halls and become the master of Northgard

Winning Conditions:

  • all other clans defeated


Gain enough Territory and raise your Fame Fame to obtain the title of King.

Winning Conditions:


Amass the riches of Northgard and become the greatest merchant of the known world.

Winning Conditions:

  • You cannot build more than 1 Lighthouse, and therefore, you cannot have more than 1 Great Trade Route!
  • To win a Trade victory, you will need to reach 2000 in Commercial Influence


Discover ancient knowledge and become the wisest clan leader of Northgard.

Winning Conditions:

Map SpecialEdit

On every map there is a possibility of a special way to win. To date there are three map specials.

Odin's SwordEdit


  • Discover Yggdrasil
  • Take control of Yggdrasil

Gates of HelheimEdit

  • Discover Helheim
  • Take control of Helheim
  • Control the area for 8 months

Bifröst (Conquest Mode Only)Edit

Sword of the Gods (Conquest Mode Only)Edit

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