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UnitsBig 01.png
Health.png 50
Attack Power
AttackPower.png 5
Def.png 4
10 XP.png

Villagers are generated by the Town Hall while Happiness.png Happiness is 0 or greater. Their spawn speed depends on the level of happiness (higher the faster) and the total player population (speed decrease with larger pop).

They can be assigned to buildings in order to make them specialized units, otherwise each Villager will gather Food.png 4 Food during summer and Food.png 2.4 Food during winter.

To gather food, they need either the Town Hall, a House, Food Silo or a Food.png Food production building (but not a Sheepfold) to stockpile what they have gathered. They will however, construct buildings that need to be built (but not repaired) on that tile first, but then go back to gathering Food.png Food as normal.

To turn trained specialists (e.g. merchants) back in to ordinary villagers, one can assign them to a house or the Town Hall.