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Warchiefs are experienced units who bring their strength and leadership to bear in combat
Health.png 75
Attack Power
Attack Power.png 15
Defense.png 10
100 XP.png
Kröwns.png 150 Iron.png 5

(Signy, Brok, and Eitria do not cost iron)

The Warchief can be hired at a Training Camp (Dragonkin Altar for Dragon clan, Völund's Forge for Horse clan); he does not count toward Population.png population total and do not consume any Food.png food or Wood.png wood.
Only one Warchief.png Warchief can be hired at a time (except Horse clan). Warchief have a Cooldown.png recruitment cooldown after each death.

If playing as the Fenrir Clan of the Wolf, this unit is replaced with the Berserker.png Berserker.
If playing as the Bjarki Clan of the Bear, this unit is replaced with the Shield Maiden.png Shield Maiden.
If playing as the Sváfnir Clan of the Snake, this unit is replaced with Signy.png Signy.
If playing as the Svadilfari Clan of the Horse, this unit is replaced with Brok.png Brok and Eitria.png Eitria.
If playing as the Himminbrjotir Clan of the Ox, this unit is replaced with Torfin.png Torfin.

To use Campaign warchief skins, one must finish all the chapters of Rig's Saga in Extreme, complete all secret objectives in any difficulty, and equip those skins in the Treasures menu.