WyrdWyrd is a Clan of the Kraken's exclusive resource. It can be spent to activate special abilities. The Clan of the Kraken starts the game with 400 Wyrd and a passive production of +1 Wyrd.


Wyrd circle

Wyrd is a resource which enable Clan of the Kraken to perform following rituals:

  • Shallow Waters: Improves a coastal zone to accept one additional building.
  • High Tide: Cancels the Kraken's building and attack penalties in a non-coastal zone. You can colonize a neutral non-coastal zone for normal cost. You can only cast High Tide on a non-coastal zone adjacent to beach zones or zones affected by High Tide.
  • Road to Valhalla: Consecrate one of your Norn into a Valkyrie and joins your army.
  • Ancient Spirit: Summon 5 hostile Spectral Warrior to a chosen enemy coastal zone.
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