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Colonize the area to become protector of Northgard and achieve victory!

Yggdrasil is a map special Victory condition. It is protected by four Fallen Valkyrie Fallen Valkyries.

The price and time it takes to colonize Yggdrasil's territory varies depending on the game mode and difficulty.

Conquest mode:
Time required to colonize: 1 month (1min)
Food required to colonize: Depending on difficulty.
Easy: 1600 Food Food
Normal: 2000 Food Food
Hard: 2500 Food Food
Extreme: 3000 Food Food

All other game modes:
Time required to colonize: 6 months (6min)
Food required to colonize: 1500 Food Food (across all difficulties)

If this is one of the map's active victory conditions then you'll achieve victory once you've colonized it.